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AIVF Expands Launching the First AI-Powered IVF Solution at the Perfetto Clinic in Goiânia, Brazil

AIVF | Sep 27, 2023

AIVF Expands Launching the First AI-Powered IVF Solution at the Perfetto Clinic in Goiânia, Brazil

 As demand for IVF treatment soars globally, AIVF’s EMA AI-powered operating system improves decision-making, streamlines operations, and strengthens clinic-patient communications.

AIVF, a reproductive technology company, launched the first AI-powered IVF operating system in Brazil at Perfetto, a multidisciplinary fertility clinic in Goiânia.

AIVF’s expansion significantly addresses the growing demand for assisted reproductive technologies in Brazil. From 2013-2019, the number of registered clinics in Brazil increased by 63%, and the number of frozen embryos increased threefold [1].

EMATM by AIVF is a proprietary AI-powered operating system created to help IVF clinics improve clinical decision-making, streamline operations, and strengthen clinic-patient communications. Its deep learning AI models were developed on large and diverse databases from leading institutions across the US, Europe, and Asia.

“We are thrilled to be the first clinic in Latin America to deploy EMA TM by AIVF,” said Dr. Luiz Augusto Batista, owner of Perfetto Clinic. “A data-driven approach is essential to the management of IVF clinics and laboratories. AIVF’s advanced technology will increase our clinic’s efficiency and operational capacity and above all, improve our ability to personalize IVF for our patients”.

In addition to improving workflow efficiency in the IVF lab, EMA’s embryo evaluation module yields a 38% higher level of accuracy when compared to an embryologist alone. Furthermore, embryos with a high EMA score demonstrate a 70% probability of a successful pregnancy [2].

“We are honored to be a part of the remarkable growth story of the Brazilian IVF market,” commented Daniella Gilboa, co-founder and CEO of AIVF. “Our launch is a steppingstone towards fulfilling the increasing demand for advanced fertility solutions. By introducing the EMA to the Brazilian market, AIVF is contributing to the transformation of the IVF landscape, providing hope and opportunities to those seeking to start or expand their families.”

About Perfetto Reproducao

The Perffeto Group is a leader in assisted human reproduction. The group specializes in advanced treatment and diagnostic procedures in the field of in vitro fertilization. In 2022, the clinic performed 641 cycles and treated 1,724 patients. More than 6,300 advanced diagnostic procedures were performed by the diagnostic department. The clinic’s medical leadership includes Dr. Luiz Augusto A. Batista, Dr. Nathalia Batista, Dr. Ricardo Pimentel, and Dr. Luiz Augusto Teixeira.

About AIVF

AIVF is a reproductive technology company focused on optimizing IVF clinics and labs through digital transformation. By harnessing data, the company’s proprietary suite of digital solutions provides knowledge and transparency to fertility care professionals and patients.

AIVF’s solutions are tailored to meet the needs of IVF clinics and labs in an era when demand for IVF treatments is soaring. The core technology is evidence-based and driven by real-world clinical use to help patients on a smoother, quicker and more accessible path to parenthood.

[1] Oliveira, B. L., Ataman, L. M., Rodrigues, J. K., Birchal, T. S., & Reis, F. M. (2021). Restricted access to assisted reproductive technology and Fertility Preservation: Legal and Ethical Issues. Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 43(3), 571–576. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rbmo.2021.06.018

[2] AIVF – Performance overview white paper (data on file). This representative study (N=18,700) evaluates how EMA’s AI embryo evaluation scores correlate with embryo quality, ploidy, and likelihood of achieving clinical pregnancy.