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AIVF Genetics™

Unveiling the next generation of AI-based embryo evaluation for euploidy screening. AIVF Genetics introduces a pioneering, non-invasive AI tool aimed at refining the genetic quality assessment of embryos in IVF clinics.

A Rapid and Accurate
Assessment of an Embryo's
Genetic Integrity

AIVF Genetics relies on the integration of advanced Time-Lapse Imaging (TLI) systems with state-of-the-art AI algorithms to offer immediate, accurate evaluations of genetic integrity in embryos.
The robust model is based on a multicentric heterogeneous dataset. Utilizing known live-birth and PGT-A outcomes as ground truth, the model was trained to identify crucial embryonic features significant to genetic integrity and the likelihood of successful pregnancy. The model also assesses morphological and morphogenetic features that correlate with the embryo’s likelihood of being genetically normal (euploid).
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Probabilistic Estimation of Embryonic Euploidy

AIVF Genetics outputs a scalar (0-99) reflecting probabilistic estimates of euploidy (genetic normalcy) for each embryo. Performance evaluations demonstrate robust model calibration, while score is linearly associated with true prevalence of euploidy in the independents clinical data (demonstrated on blind test set). Model is robust to clinical interventions and/or biological scenarios exhibited during embryonic development.
AIVF Genetics can be used as a triage tool prior to PGT-A test, or to provide an alternative for patients who are unfit to use invasive PGT-A for preferential transfer.

AIVF Genetics AI Model

The model was trained and validated on known PGT-A and live-birth results

Maternal age

at time of retrieval
Genetics 4

Embryo morphology score

at time of blastulation
Model 2 2

Morphokinetic parameters

from pronuclear fading to
Model 3 2

Embryo resilience model

identifying substantial
transients in the embryo
Model 4 2

Segmentation model

measuring embryo shape,
size, structure and more
Model 5 2
* Currently AIVF Genetics is available on Embryoscope TLI only and will be available on the GERI TLI soon.