Disclaimer: EMA by AIVF has CE mark. In the US, an AI component of EMA is considered an investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.
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EMA AI Platform
Embryology. Elevated.

EMA by AIVF™ is an AI-powered platform tailored exactly to the needs of the IVF clinic. The digital workspace connects the entire care team to fully automated AI-based embryo evaluation, streamlined communications and powerful analytics tools.
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Paving your Way to Enhanced IVF Care with AI and Digital Transformation

An End-to-End AI Embryo Evaluation

AIVF presents a Fully Automated End-to-End AI embryo evaluation approach that takes into
account visual quality, morphokinetics and ploidy probability for every embryo.

As each AI module adds an additional layer of knowledge, the care team gains a holistic
understanding of the embryo's viability, contributing to more informed decision-making.

AIVF Day-3 and AIVF Day-5

AIVF Day-3 – an early-stage embryo evaluation for clinical pregnancy prediction*
AIVF Day-5 – AI-powered fully automated blastocyst evaluation for instantly assisting clinical decisions including choosing an embryo for transfer

AIVF Genetics

AIVF Genetics introduces a pioneering non-invasive artificial
intelligence (AI) tool that provides immediate and automated
feedback on embryo genetic integrity. AIVF Genetics enables
immediate genetic triage of the patients' blastocysts and may
serve as an alternative for patients unsuitable for invasive PGT-A,
including those with biopsy and cryogenic damage.
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Robust AI

Our robust artificial intelligence (AI) embryo evaluation models are built using a suite of deep learning algorithms that recognize complex patterns in time-lapse embryo images that are invisible to the human eye.

In the image: PNs' appearance and fading times, as well as their localization and dynamics, accurately identified by AI algorithms.

An Outcome-Based Core Model

Deep learning-based algorithms specifically trained using time-lapse embryo images with known morphology, morphokinetics, and clinical pregnancy outcomes for every embryo

AIVF Day-5 &
AIVF Day-3 models
were trained and
validated on diverse
database of thousands
of embryos with known
clinical pregnancy

Resilience Model

Model 1
An algorithm that was trained to identify substantial transients in the embryo, to ensure robustness to medical interventions such as assisted hatching or artificial collapse, as well as biological scenarios that may occur during in vitro embryonic development.


Model 2
A deep learning-based algorithm that was trained to automatically detect dynamic events during in vitro embryo development ranging from time of pronuclear fading to time to blastulation. Include: T2, T3, T4, T5, T8, TM, TB as well as other features of the blastocyst stage.


Model 3
A deep-learning based segmentation algorithm that aids in detecting and measuring embryo shape, size, structure, and positioning inside the culture dish well for meaningful and accurate image assessments by the machine learning model.

Advanced IVF Analytics

EMA’s advanced analytics provides a powerful data mining tool
that seamlessly connects to data from different EMR systems. With
a click, you can analyze fertilization, blastulation and implantation
rates stratified by the parameters important to you.
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Streamlined Communications and Integrated Messaging Dashboard

EMA’s centralized instant messaging service allows you to
securely and remotely send messages, share reports and
consult with the andrologist, embryologist, patient coordinator
or other member of the care team for optimal patient care.
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The Advantages of Integrating EMA in Your Clinic

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Trusted AI-based
insights save time spent
on manual tasks.
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Seamless connectivity to
time-lapse incubators
and EMR data improves
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Integrated messaging
enables immediate
communication with
entire care team.
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24/7 secure access
from any device