Disclaimer: EMA by AIVF has CE mark. In the US, an AI component of EMA is considered an investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.
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EMA AI Platform
Embryology. Elevated.

EMA™ by AIVF is an AI-powered platform tailored exactly to the needs of the IVF clinic. The digital workspace connects the entire care team to fully automated AI-based embryo evaluation, streamlined communications and powerful analytics tools.

Customer Testimonials

“EMA AI technology has increased our pregnancy rates per frozen transfer by up to 30%, increasing the probability of success for patients.”
Dr. David Walsh,
Gynecologist and Director at First IVF, Ireland.
“EMA significantly improves our ability to identify and select for embryo transfer only embryos that have the best chances for a healthy pregnancy."
Mr. Achilleas Papatheodorou, PhD., M.Med.Sc.,
Senior Clinical Embryologist and Lab Director Embryolab, Greece.

Embryo evaluation

EMA’s AI-powered embryo evaluation is based on a set of deep-learning algorithms that assess embryo quality and developmental competence. This intelligent tool sees more than the human eye and processes the information you need instantly.


EMA’s advanced analytics provides a powerful data mining tool that seamlessly connects to data from different EMR systems. With a click, you can analyze fertilization, blastulation and implantation rates stratified by the parameters important to you.


EMA’s centralized instant messaging service allows you to securely and remotely send messages, share reports and consult with the andrologist, embryologist, patient coordinator or other member of the care team for optimal patient care.

The advantages of integrating EMA in your clinic

Trusted AI-based
insights save time spent
on manual tasks.
Seamless connectivity to
time-lapse incubators
and EMR data improves
Integrated messaging
enables immediate
communication with
entire care team.
24/7 secure access
from any device