Disclaimer: EMA by AIVF has CE mark. In the US, an AI component of EMA is considered an investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.
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Next Generation IVF

We develop AI-powered IVF solutions for clinics, labs and patients to help increase the certainty of a successful journey to parenthood.

An informed and empowered
IVF journey

As the demand for IVF continues to soar, your clinic needs intelligent technology from AIVF. Our suite of solutions harness data and AI to empower clinicians, embryologists and patients with knowledge and transparency on their journey to family.

AIVF’s EMA™ platform provides IVF clinics with valuable
AI-powered insights that boost efficiency and improve outcomes


probability of
success for embryos
with high EMA score.1


faster than
embryologist alone.2


more accurate than
embryologist alone.


shorter time to
pregnancy on average.3

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1. Presented by Marcos Meseguer, IVIRMA Global conference, Malaga 2023
2. IVIRMA-AIVF validated studies
3. AIVF – Data on file.

Improve patient care with AI

Prof. Daniel Seidman,
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

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