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Towards the next generation of IVF

Pam Schwartz | May 22, 2023 | May 22, 2023

Introducing EMA 4.0! AIVF introduces new features to help you improve efficiencies in your lab and clinic and provide personalized, optimized IVF patient care. The comprehensive workspace for clinicians features:

  • AI-powered embryo evaluation now available for Genea Biomedx.
  • A powerful data mining tool to help measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) of the IVF clinic and the embryology lab in a single click.

AI-powered Embryology 

Unleash the potential of your existing time lapse (TL) systems with expanded support for Geri®,  incubators. EMA can simultaneously connect to multiple time lapse incubators so you can access the power of AI for embryo evaluation from a single platform.

Don’t have time-lapse in your lab? Also not a problem. Ask about our new integrated solution for you to easily step up to automated, AI-powered embryo evaluation.

Powerful Data Mining in a Click

EMA’s advanced Analytics enables you to analyze fertilization, blastulation and implantation rates stratified by different user-defined parameters. Another tool to help save you time and manual calculations on endless Excel sheets.

This tool seamlessly connects to all electronic medical record (EMR) data delivering insight on critical factors and trends impacting lab performance. This data can be used to help monitor and optimize the performance of the embryology team, lab and clinic. In addition, a QA monitoring system allows performance to be compared to the clinic’s standard performance and/or to clinical guidelines.

Are you interested in hearing more and seeing a demo? We will be in touch as soon as you let us know how to contact you: https://go.aivf.co/emademoinquiry