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The optimistic embryologist’s vision – harnessing AI and ML in assisted reproduction: navigating embryo selection with precision

Lukas Stojanov, Director of Strategic Partnerships at AIVF | Sep 26, 2023

EMA by AIVF™ Is Like A GPS System for Embryologists

“With AI in our lab, we keep adding data, the machine continuously gets smarter, and eventually, it will select the best embryos for us.”

At a glance, it appears as if we’re heading towards a future where embryologists might just lean back and let AI take the wheel. However, a more nuanced understanding positions AI not as a replacement but rather as a tool akin to a car’s GPS system, guiding experts based on high-quality data. Here’s everything that you should know before using AI in the IVF lab.

AI and ML: A Snapshot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) often appears as an umbrella term, enveloping a plethora of technologies. To simplify, AI gives a machine human-like smart behaviors, much like a car’s cruise control system. Meanwhile, Machine Learning (ML) refers to the process through which AI acquires its decision-making ability. Using vast amounts of data, ML hones the ability to predict outcomes or make classifications—be it in facial recognition, weather forecasting, or even embryo selection.

IVF and the Dawn of AI-Driven Decision Making

Although AI and ML haven’t yet dominated the IVF arena, their influence is undeniably growing. Time-lapse systems now produce video data ripe for ML interpretation. Innovative clinics around the world are already leveraging technologies like Geri connect & assess by Genea Biomedx to auto-annotate cell division timings.

Then there’s EMA by AIVF – a game-changer in automated embryo evaluation. Mimicking the methodologies embryologists employ for embryo assessment and classification, EMA is like turning on a car’s GPS for more accurate results in navigating the decision-making process. It offers a clearer, less strenuous path to optimal results.

Although the vision of the optimistic embryologist is but an analogy, introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to assisted reproduction ensures that professionals have access to the most effective navigation tools available.

Ready to Take the AI-Powered Route in IVF?

Elevate Your IVF Clinic and Lab with AIVF Technology for Embryologists

To discover how AI, data, and state-of-the-art tools like EMA can enhance your decision-making in assisted reproduction, don’t hesitate to reach out, contact our team and book a demo. The time has come to embark on a transformative journey together into the future of IVF care.

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