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The Essential Lab Director’s Checklist

Carol Lynn Curchoe, PhD, HCLD | Oct 18, 2023

Being the director of an IVF laboratory entails significant stress and complexity. Your performance impacts staff and patients embarking on parenthood journeys. To enhance task management and achieve key performance indicators, AIVF in collaboration with ART Compass (an AIVF subsidiary) has developed this checklist. This list was created based on the professional experience of dozens of IVF lab directors. It’s important to note that all tasks outlined here should be consistently executed. IVF lab directors must ensure:

  • Establishment and maintenance of acceptable analytic performance per test.
  • PT enrollment and samples are tested on time, results reviewed, failures investigated, and corrective action followed.
  • All remedial actions are taken and documented for significant deviations from specifications.
  • Patient test results are only reported when test systems are functioning properly.
  • QC and QA programs are established and identify quality failures as they occur.
  • Personnel have relevant education, training, and experience prior to testing patient samples.
  • Policies and procedures are established to monitor testing personnel, and competency is maintained throughout testing, reporting, and identifying remedial training needs.

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*The proficiency testing reports section is only relevant to US IVF labs. Reporting requirements vary between countries and regions based on local regulations.