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Partnering to bring leading-edge AI technology to the IVF lab

Pam Schwartz | Feb 1, 2022 | Feb 01, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear the word partner? Possibly your significant other, your lawyer or a vendor you work with. For centuries, we have known there are inherent benefits of working together. Each side can contribute their knowledge and experience, while learning from one another. In the end, everyone benefits.

As an AiVF partner, IVF clinics gains an amazing opportunity to leverage leading-edge AI technology to optimize the care they offer their patients and the company gains real-world input from the clinics.

AiVF’S FertilityOS is a clinic’s operating system. Using the largest and most diverse clinical data, as well as sophisticated algorithmic engines, the software platform guides automated and intelligent decision-making in the IVF process.

It is an exciting time at AiVF, a growing startup headquartered in Tel Aviv. In October 2021, co-founder and CEO, Daniella Gilboa presented results of clinical research at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2021 Scientific Congress. Using AiVF’s technology, researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s In Vitro Fertilization Lab, were able to accurately identify the embryos less likely to have successful implantation. These findings have significance in establishing clinical evidence for the company’s AI technology to transform the IVF journey for many parents-to-be around the world.

When I caught up with Ido Hershkovitz, VP Product at AiVF, the team had recently completed the successful installation of the company’s EMA Platform at Embryolab, in Thessaloniki.

Over the last two years, Ido has been working with their clinical staff to understand their day-to-day challenges. “Understanding the actual workflows and challenges at an IVF clinic is critical so that FertilityOS can personalize patient treatment and assist with optimized IVF process efficiencies,” commented Ido.

The development of such a technologically innovative automation will significantly improve our ability to identify and select for transfer the embryos with the best chances for a healthy pregnancy,” commented Mr. Achilleas Papatheodorou, PhD., M.Med.Sc., Senior Clinical Embryologist, ESHRE certified, Embryolab’s Lab Director.

While the first meetings were in person, the pandemic intervened, and Zoom became the standard for building the relationship and learning from one another. The recent in-person installation and training was a major milestone for both partners – the culmination of hours of research and virtual discussions.

Working together, the two teams achieved a successful installation and the AiVF platform is now live and operational. Ido led the hands-on training, customized to the role of each stakeholder at the clinic.

The installation at Embryolab in Greece was the first of five in process. Each of these installations brings a new level of excitement to Ido and the entire team at AiVF as the company evolves from a clinical research company to delivering a product that is providing value to clinics. “Our partners believe in AiVF’s AI technology embedded in our FertilityOS product and are now realizing the value it can bring to their lab, clinic and to the patient.”

One of the things that keeps Ido excited is the realization that his efforts have a purpose – making AI a standard for IVF clinics to help individuals become families.

To learn more about EMA FertilityOS, please contact us at https://aivf.co/#contact