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Onboarding – The Pinnacle of AIVF’s Customer Success

Assaf Shisha-Halevy, Head of Customer Success at AIVF | Oct 26, 2023

By anticipating and addressing client needs early on, a company can ensure long-term satisfaction and retention; herein lies the essence of successful customer onboarding.

The customer journey commences long before onboarding; yet this stage of relationship-building is most critical to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Assaf Shisha-Halevy, Head of Customer Success at AIVF, explains a mindful approach to welcoming new clients, which reinforces the company culture of nurturing longevity.

What is the significance of a solid onboarding process?

  • First Impression: In most cases, this is the first post-sales personal interaction with the customer. It is a chance to shine and create a positive experience with enduring impact.
  • Knowledge Empowerment: The more customers learn about our products and services, the more likely they will use them properly. This reduces churn by maximizing product value and increasing customer commitment.
  • Independence: A knowledgeable customer is, in many cases, more self-sufficient, resulting in mutual support-related time and cost savings.
  • Value Recognition: Instead of simply providing user manuals and one-dimensional tools, personalized training sessions, follow-up meetings, and open channels of communication demonstrate the company’s client-centric values.
  • Differentiation: Customers are not only buying our product but are really benefiting from a level of service that sets us apart from competitors. They may also share valuable feedback about their decision-making process in relation to other providers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: This is an excellent opportunity to gather important customer information. Meeting team members and learning about their needs, workflows, and expectations will strengthen the bond and improve product adoption.

How is AIVF taking onboarding above and beyond?

AIVF’s customer success team works in close collaboration with sales and operations, sharing information to ensure seamless transitions throughout the customer journey.

  • Kick-off Meeting: When a new deal closes, the AIVF team initiates an introductory meeting with the client to gather and document any necessary information. We respect that our customers are busy, so we first commence onboarding, then send follow-up questionnaires regarding workflows, stakeholders, IT, logistics, etc.
  • Foundation Laying: We outline the entire process for the client to reduce uncertainties and build long-lasting trust.
  • Technical Preparation: Most of the setup and configuration of our systems is completed before equipment installation, saving time, and reducing technical delays.
  • Data History: During the installation process, we import and process historical records, so our system is populated with data from day one, enhancing customer confidence.
  • Flexibility: Working with physicians, embryologists, and technicians, we are very accommodating with training session duration and frequency.
  • User Interface: Our application has a built-in walk-through widget containing FAQs and a live chat with our support team.
  • Remote Monitoring: Once the system is up and running and the customer starts using it, we monitor activity to ensure proper implementation.
  • Follow-up: A week after the initial training, a feedback session is scheduled to learn about the customer’s experience and address any questions.

In summation, onboarding customers is crucial in shaping their initial experience, influencing their long-term relationship with the company, and significantly impacting their satisfaction, retention, and revenue generation. It’s an opportunity for AIVF to demonstrate its commitment to customers and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to exceed expectations.

**Assaf Shisha-Halevy has over 20 years’ experience as a customer success professional with a proven track record of leading client-facing teams in international healthcare technology startups.**