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A Case Study with Perfetto Fertility Clinic: How can AI and digital transformation bolster transparency and build patient trust in IVF Care?

Nov 22, 2023


AIVF is driving the digital transformation of fertility care. Our AI-powered solutions are tailored to meet the needs of IVF clinics and labs in an era when demand for treatments is soaring. The core technology is evidence-based and driven by real-world clinical use to help patients on a smoother, quicker, and more accessible path to parenthood.

EMA by AIVFTM unleashes the power of time-lapse incubators and offers a comprehensive set of modules, including fully automated day-3 and day-5 embryo evaluation, advanced IVF analytics, integrated messaging, and seamless connectivity to various electronic medical record systems (EMRs).

Perfetto Fertility Clinic, a pioneering Latin American institution, is setting a new standard by integrating cutting-edge technologies like EMA by AIVFTM and Genea Biomedx Geri time-lapse imaging (TLI) to revolutionize the landscape of assisted reproductive technologies. The clinic’s commitment to patient-centric care, coupled with an unwavering dedication to transparency, has reshaped the IVF patient experience and elevated success rates through innovative AI-powered embryo evaluation techniques.

View EMA in action in Perfetto clinic before moving on

Dr. Luiz Augusto A. Batista

Patient-Centric Approach

For the Perfetto team, patient-centered care is a core value that emanates from every IVF experience; they believe in transparency as a principle for trust-building and patient empowerment. When we talk about improving IVF care with AI and digital transformation, it’s natural to focus on benefits derived by the lab and clinic: time-savings, increased operational efficiency, and embryo evaluation capabilities beyond the human eye; however, alignment with patient needs is really at the foundation of this technological revolution. After all, the goal is to improve IVF clinical outcomes and disrupt the current birth rate plateau, thereby empowering more people on their family-building journeys.

At Perfetto, AIVF’s technology serves as a conduit between the laboratory and patients, offering unprecedented access to every phase of the IVF journey. From showcasing the EMA score, to sharing embryo images and comprehensively explaining their status, Perfetto ensures patients are empowered with knowledge. This emphasis on transparency not only builds trust but also equips patients with essential information, fostering a sense of confidence and control throughout the process.

The clinic’s commitment to providing patients with information is exemplified by the EMA scores, which differ significantly from traditional methods like Gardner. EMA scores are based on robust AI comprising deep learning-based algorithms specifically trained using time-lapse embryo images with known morphology, morphokinetics, and clinical pregnancy outcomes for every embryo. The scores encompass the entire embryo development process and offer numeric values that are easier for patients to comprehend. Dr. Nathália Batista, a reproductive gynecologist from Perfetto’s team explained: “With Gardner, we only see the picture at the end of the embryo’s development, we don’t know what happens during the process. EMA by AIVF’s score looks at the entire process, and I make that clear to the patients; even if the end result looks good, it doesn’t account for all of the information about an embryo.” This approach not only demystifies the evaluation process but also aids patients in understanding the potential success rates associated with specific embryos, facilitating informed decision-making.

Leveraging Digital Technology & AI

Recognizing the limitations of human capabilities in embryo selection, Perfetto leverages AIVF’s AI-driven non-invasive technology to enhance IVF success rates, acknowledging that optimal embryo selection is pivotal in reducing the number of required cycles. Their experience has demonstrated a correlation between an EMA score of 8.6 or higher and a remarkable 65% implantation rate, compelling the clinic to utilize this technology to yield better outcomes for their patients.

Moreover, the integration of AI allows Perfetto to access extensive datasets for in-depth embryo quality analysis. This access to big data, combined with the clinic’s robust data collection capabilities, enables continuous improvement in embryo selection techniques, thereby elevating success rates while minimizing the time needed for achieving desired outcomes.

Laboratory Benefits

EMA technology not only benefits patients but also significantly enhances the laboratory’s efficiency. The implementation of EMA leads to time savings, increased operational efficiency, and reduced manipulation of embryos within the incubator. This not only streamlines the workflow within the lab but also contributes to minimizing potential risks associated with excessive handling of embryos, thereby ensuring their optimal development.


Perfetto Fertility Clinic’s innovative integration of Geri with AIVF and its unwavering commitment to transparency and technological advancements have ushered in a new era in assisted reproductive technologies. By placing patients at the forefront and leveraging AI-driven solutions, Perfetto has not only bolstered patient trust but also elevated success rates, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the field of fertility treatments in Latin America.